28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 9 – Sparkling Eyes, What Do You See?


When you think of sparkling eyes, what do you see? What is it you want everyone else to see in your eyes? A pair of sparkling eyes can take your breath away. Similarly, dull and dreary eyes can make even a pretty face appear ordinary. Beautiful eyes are not only a mark
of glamour but also good health. That is why you must take care of your eyes. Most of us look at our face as a whole. We cleanse and tone our face, moisturize it and care for it. We do not really look at our eyes as an independent component. If you want beautiful eyes that can light up a room, then your perspective has to be change along with some habits.

Our eyes truly radiate the beauty inside of us, and they also take in what beauty is around us. You agree right?

Eyes are beautiful and we want them to sparkle! Here are a few basic tips for making sure your eyes stay bright and sparkling your whole life through.

Take your beauty sleep seriously: Sleep is something that is not to be trifled with. The freshness of your eyes depends on the quality and duration of your sleep. Such sleepy eyes can turn anyone off. So, beauty sleep is important for you to have eyes like shining new

De-Stress and Relax: Eyes are the windows to our soul. All our emotions and thoughts are mirrored in our eyes. That is why our eyes are the first to show signs of stress. If you are under a lot of stress then you must unwind and relax or else, your eyes will give away signs of tiredness easily. It also makes you age faster.

Eye beauty treatments: I don’t like many things that come in bottles, but I do like the thought of cucumbers placed over my eyes! Eye masks such as avocado and fresh milk are lovely refreshers and serve to moisten your eyes. Use a little Jojoba oil, then place a cool eye cloth over the eyes (dampen a facecloth & freeze for 30mins).

Nutrition – eye foods: You are what you eat! How amazing is it that carrots have the circles inside which look like the human iris? Nature is so wise. Carrots are the eyes best food. Avocados, eggs, tomatoes, garlic are also great. A glass of fresh vegetable juice including greens and carrots will work wonders to preserve eye health and keep them looking clear and bright at the same time.


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