Love is in The Air: What is Happening Between These Two Reality Show Judges?

These two Nigerian reality TV show judges are both superstars in their own rights, highly idolised for their musical prowess, and it looks like the Valentine love bug has caught up with them, judging from their on- and off-screen behaviour recently.

One judge recently returned from a month-long tour of a foreign country, and during that time, a well-known rap artist took his place. His return caused a lot of excitement on the reality singing competition, and one of his co-judges in particular seemed a little too happy that this judge was back.

“She was practically in his lap,” said one close source from the show, said about the other judge. The tweets from Twitter were even more blunt, with viewers blaming drugs for her romantic mood, but it seems it was simply because she could not contain her giddy excitement that her partner in music was back. At one point, this judge put her diva hat on and belted out Whitney Houston’s ‘All the Man I Ever Need’ with full force, leaving her reality show heart-throb speechless. There were lots of giggling and excitement as well as plenty of whispered conversation, quiet asides, and hyperactivity on her part throughout the show, and it left the audience and the viewers to wonder. Both judges are sexy, free, and single, and from the looks of things, definitely ready to mingle, with the male half recently getting a divorce last year.

The third judge must have felt quite lonely… Who do you think they are?

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