African Artistes Foundation Event: Uche Uzorka Second Solo Exhibition ‘Line.Sign.Symbol’

The Opening reception of Uche Uzorka’s second solo Exhibition, “Line.Sign.Symbol”, was a success. It went down in grand style, that wouldn’t have been possible without your participation. On behalf of African Artists’ Foundation and it’s team, I want to say a big thank you for your support in all areas including publicity. We had a full house and nothing pleases us more than seeing the world being enlightened through art.


After the long day’s hustle, over a hundred individuals stopped over at the AAF gallery to attend the opening reception of Uche Uzorka’s second solo exhibition, “Line.Sign.Symbol” on January 31st, 2013. Uche Uzorka who majored in painting and graduated from the University of Nsukka, Nigeria, produced a new series of works which suggest an exploration more akin to daydreaming, about the inner workings of his thought process rather than about a specific conceptual message that prescribes the overall thought towards art, but after deep thought and unprecedented fame he achieved over the years, he felt compelled to release this new series to the world in this exhibition “Line.Sign.Symbol”


Joseph Gergel, Curator at the African Artists’ Foundation and Curator of the exhibition, opened the event by welcoming the guests and giving a warm speech about the man of the hour. Uche’s speech moved it’s audience as he revealed the concept behind his new series and his drive towards the completion of his works. He shared the joy he feels when he sees people staring with concentration at his works trying to understand how he thinks or just trying to make something out of his abstract works. Uche also addressed upcoming artists telling them to challenge themselves more and see beyond the horizon.


The outcome of the event was not anticipated. Uche’s new works struck a chord with his fellow Nigerian artists who were present at the reception. With the motivation from successful art-lovers and publicists, a chance to interact with the art community, and light refreshments to keep the guests entertained, it was truly a day to remember.


Uche’s works will be displayed at the AAF gallery from January 31st – February 23, 2013



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