28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 5 – Take Banana Till You Glow


This might sound new, but banana sure does wonders for your skin and this can ultimately improve your beauty quotient. From giving soft skin to shiny hair, banana has lot more to offer. So, instead of spending so much on cosmetics, it is a pretty good idea to use banana for enhancing your beauty.

Here’s how it works wonders for your skin, hair, eyes and health in general:

  1. Eating banana can be of great benefit to your health. It’s a high calorie content food. Sugar content in it can be converted into good source of energy thereby building muscles and reducing fatigue resulting in a glowing face. This is very helpful for people with faltering stamina.
  2. Bananas can a do a lot for treating dry eyes. It is rich in potassium that aids in controlling the balance of sodium and release of fluid in your cells thereby curing dry eyes effectively.
  3. Apply honey and banana mask on dry skin for about 15 minutes. This mask helps to smoothen out the roughness of the skin to a great extent. This mask can be applied on the hair also to treat the dry and dull hair.

I’m pretty sure there are a whole lot more wonders bananas can do… So from now on, always make it a point to take banana till you glow. Yo!

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Funto Oni is a blend of beauty, brains and grace. A beauty and style coach. A chartered accountant. A Lover of God and God’s cutest daughter as she fondly calls herself. She currently works with a dynamic IT firm as an accountant. She also manages her beauty outfit ‘DivHadassah’. 

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