Efe Omorogbe Speaks on 2Face Campus Connect Tour

Efe Omorogbe speaks on the upcoming ”2face Campus Connect”, an initiative targeted at bridging the gap between 2Face and his numerous fans on Nigerian campuses.   Need for Campus Connect We are taking initiative to produce Campus Connect because over the years, we have received a deluge of requests from promoters, student union and departmental organisations.


A lot of people have been interested in booking 2face for gigs on campus for years.   Sometimes, for logistics reasons, issue of availability and some other reasons, it just hasn’t happened and as these requests get turned down, we are aware there is growing dissatisfaction.   There is also the possibility of creating a gulf between 2face and the fans. So, we decided to take this initiative to establish the connection between him and fan base on campus.  


Objective of Campus Connect The overall objective is to ensure that we bridge the gap, find a solution to all the inherent problems that made it impossible for 2face to tour campus circuits in the last five years.


Partners We are working with Hypertek, Soundcity and NM En.core  

Connection between Campus Connect & PPP (Promote Peace Project) Not exactly! One, basically is targeted at assuaging hunger of campus community to see 2face perform within the confines of their school as opposed to coming to an event centre to eatch him perform.   The second is absolutely way beyond music. The Promote Peace Project is a social responsibility initiative of ‘2face Idibia Reach Out Foundation’. It is a project he is embarking upon to foster peace in Nigeria particularly at a time like this.  


Feed Back It has been very impressive. The industry is agog, the voting is on and people are calling to be a part of it. There is a high level of excitement out there. It is the least you can expect from a 2face project.


Expectations from Now Muzik We are here for the long term. We would do what we have always done; we would stick there, we would always be a part of the solution and not the problem.   We would continue to make our contribution toward growing a vibrant music industry and creating a support structure. We are striving to increase the quality of service we render to our clients.


NM Recordings will get a lot more active from the release of Crystals album in February 2013. There is going to be a long list of releases from NM Recording as a label over the next couple of months.

My only guarantee is that we are going to get better.

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