Why I Dedicated My Awards to AY – Elenu


Fast Rising, very witty and incredibly intelligent comedian, Elenu, has revealed reasons he dedicated his first major Awards (Modemen and Dynamix all-youth Awards) to  Mr. Ayodeji Richard Makun, another gifted comedian recognised and celebrated worldwide  as ‘AY.’
“I dedicated the Awards to AY,” Elenu said, “For three reasons: one because he is my Boss; two, because he is my prudent and dependable mentor; and three, because he felt my jokes when nobody hyped me.”
Elenu said, “AY has been a great source of blessing to me in the comedy industry ever since I won AY’s Open Mic Challenge in 2006. AY gave me the chance to participate in the competition. He groomed me under his roof for two years, and on every edition of his AY Live CDs you will find me. He even refers to some of his big clients when he is too occupied to MC at their functions.  There’s God who gave me the talent and there’s AY who helped discovered and groom the talent.”
Looking back at achievements that shaped the last 12 months, Elenu described 2012 as “my beginning of great success to come.
“First,” he analyzes, “I bought myself a car as New Year’s gift in 2012, then I moved my mother to a more tasteful apartment and setting up a set-up a very good business for her. In the process, the people of Apapa/Ajegunle Local Council gave me the Pride of the Community Award.”
Born Akinlami Babatunde Julius, Elenu is a graduate of Computer Science at the University of Benin. He started Stand-up Comedy professionally in November 2006 after winning the third edition of AY’s Open Mic Challenge, he is the first and only male child from an Ondo State family of five and he is engaged to Chinwe Anyanwu, a dazzling International Studies and Diplomacy graduate of Benson Idahosa University.

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