Mavin Artiste Dr Sid Tender Apology on Twitter


Sidney Onoriode Esiri also known as Dr Sid was on twitter today to tender his apology to fans.  Dr Sid was just too emotional and we all make mistakes. The good thing he has apologized and also made promises for the new year and he also said MAVIN Crew will be releasing songs this year.

Read his tweets below…

I wanna say a few things, please bare with me for a few tweets.

As a lotta pple know 2012 was an eventful year, the mo hits break up came as a shock and disappointment to a Lot of u and myself”
a lot has been said and not said but for the fans who believed in mo hits I sincerely apologize for letting you down.

I’m not a controversial person and for being involved in leaked convos n various rants I have let down not just myself but my fans as well, and for that I’m sorry.

I’m an artist who’s passion is making music, and performing for My fans and that’s what I want 2013 to be about.

I wanna apologize to anyone who I may have offended knowingly or unknowingly.

I’m an emotional person who is very passionate about his beliefs and if in anyway my passion comes across as arrogant pls forgive me.

Moving on its a new yr and I wanna thank u all 4 staying with me supporting me and believing in me. I love u guys n you mean the world to me”

My joy is to bring joy to you guys through my music and that’s what I intend to do this year.

About New Music, The mavins are in the studio and new music will be coming very soon. God Bless you all.

Shoutout to @DonJazzy, He was hit hard but he believed in @wandecoal @TiwaSavage @DPRINCEMAVIN & me, so pls believe in us #Mavins.

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