What Nigerians Expect From Entertainers in 2013


‘The beauty of a year is not in the new number you add to your age , or the activities you get involved in, but what you effectively get done.     -Japheth Omojuwa

Welcome to 2013, its too early to start  looking at the rear view mirror of  2012,  (what should have, would have, could have,) worked but didn’t work. Stop the pity party.The new year is another opportunity to  dot your I’s and cross your T’s , a blank cheque given to you by God to make your life and career profitable.

A lot happened in the previous year. From album releases, movie premiers, controversies, deaths, break ups e .t.c. What really count right now is maximizing the defining moments of 2012 , and using them as a launch pad to succeed in 2012.

Now let’s get started.


  1.       Adopt and Adapt

               This principle is simply about maximizing strategies that works in another climes but can be adapted to one’s environment. For instance, having a good voice is not a guarantee for making it in the entertainment industry. Its critical to do what the market demands. The Nigerian music market welcomes a good sing along, groovy beat,excellent packaging. e.t.c. Doing these sets you on the path to the top.This year, don’t just execute your ideas without adjusting them  to suit the Nigerian market temperature. A good voice, script ,joke, is not just okay.This  principle is responsible for Da Grin’s rap dominance…he connected with  the streets and rapped about  social realities .


2.      Stay away from controversy

              In the words of Joy Bewaji popular publicist to the stars:’Some stars follow the path of wisdom and restraints , building sustainable brands, getting credible endorsements, and engaging themselves with uplifiting courses.Others manage to rhumba with controversy ever so often’.Some celebs are more famous for their controversies than  for releasing splendid movies or recording  hit albums.Controversy distracts us from focusing on your talent, instead it unveils your  deficiencies to us. For every endorsement deal David o got in 2012 ,a supposed lover leaked a nude photo of him  while sleeping in bed with her. Focus on your craft and let your fans want more of you.

3.Master the business of your talent

Showbiz is  10percent show and 90 percent business.The highest paid entertainers are individuals who have been able to create a business structure around their talent. Over the years Jay z has launched  9ix cologne , Rocawear clothes and Reebok S. Carter trainers .DJ Clark Kent , who first spotted Jay z’s talent  said:’I think its unfair to call Jayz a rapper.He is a business and rapping is just something that’s in his business’. According to reports Psquare probably made the most money in the Nigerian music scene last year. Jetting  around Africa,headlining sold out shows  attended by thousands. One key ingredient for mastering the business of your talent is learning how to sell.(what to sell to your target market, how to sell it, and sustaining the loyalty of your clients).Have a business outlook in 2013.We cant watch you move from super star to super broke.


4.Stay Healthy

The entertainment industry lost a lot of veterans last year to lingering health issues. The likes of Enebeli Elebuwa, Yoruba actor Dento, Giringory, lost their lives as a result of  deteriorating health.Those deaths could have been averted.Dear entertainer, place a high premium on your health.The state of your health is much more important than your talent. Stop engaging in habits that will do more harm than good to your career and life. Make up your mind to break up with habits that puts your health at risk.


5. Stalk Smart People.

Success is a team sport.No one succeeds in isolation.Every  music brand that made it big in 2012 had a team of smart individuals behind them.I have  met a lot of artistes who believe they can make it without leveraging on the expertise of others. Going solo doesn’t mean you embark on the journey alone.Epictetus , the Greek philosopher puts it this way:’If you want  to succeed , be content to be thought foolish and stupid’.  If someone is succeeding at a thing that you are not making progress in,its wise to seek counsel.That individual must be doing something that you are not doing.Be humble enough to ask.

Finally , embrace creativity this year.Think through before starring in that movie, releasing that album…  e.t.c  Don’t just be another name in the game.Don’t just be another beautiful face on our screen.Dare to be different. Make this year count in the story of your life.


What do you think ? Please share your thoughts.

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Kehinde Ajose is  a sought after talent development strategist, publicist, and writer who helps individuals to discover , develop and create value from the business of their talent.He is reachable at splendidkenny01@yahoo.com

Twitter-@splendidkenny Http://kehindeAjose.com

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