5 Ways to Motivate Yourself in 2013

We become less productive doing the things we do not enjoy, we become unhappy with the passing of each day. We tend to procrastinate and pass time overthinking how else can we live our lives to the fullest. Yet what we really need is to be motivated. As 2013 unfolds, lets consider the following best five suggestions on how to motivate yourself.

1. Look for an Inspiration

Remember how you fixed your hair and your makeup well for your crush in school or in the work place? You have a very hard time shopping for clothes to wear to look good in front of someone you find attractive. And this person fuels you and inspires you to look your best. In the same way, in doing the things you have to pursue, you must find that inspiration that will put your focus and eventually lead you to success. This may be in the form of rewarding yourself after you completed a milestone, such as spending quality times with your family eating in a luxurious restaurant or traveling for a leisure vacation together.

2. Use Positive Public Pressure

“Pressure” can be a negative thing if it is used to stress you out and if you are already holding grudges onto others in trying to keep up with the work you do. In contrast, you can turn pressure into something that uplifts your spirit and energy. By managing intensity, you can move along smoothly and motivate yourself to step up and progress. Start by announcing your goals to your friends, family and work team members. If you are aware that they too are keeping track of your goals as mentioned, you will become more pushed to follow and fulfill your accountabilities. In concurrence, update them when you have the chance and report to them on your small-step achievements.

3. Write Your Goals

A popular bible verse says – write the vision, make it plain.. Though it tarries for a while but it will come to pass. It is once said that a goal not written is only a wish. So in order for you to stay motivated, you have to do one or more of these things: write specific and small goals in a journal or blog and share them to the world, make a checklist and mark those which are completed, and track the number of days before each goal is achieved. To be more creative, you can post pictures alongside the goals in text to excite your visual mind. These pictures can be in the form of magazine cut-outs of computer printouts. One other option is to draw them by yourself.

4. Find Things You Most Enjoy

There would always be a part in that activity that you can use to motivate the inner you. For instance, if you are lazy to jog for 20 minutes in the park as part of your required regular exercise, why not join a dance group if dancing is really what you love? If you are having problems controlling your massive food intake, research for less fatty food and slowly reduce the amount of food consumption. Find the ones you most enjoy and concentrate until you attain the desired point.

5. Be Positive

You will have a hard time motivating yourself if what you’re thinking about is negative thoughts. Don’t be a pessimist and try to be more positive in your outlook. Improve on how you visualize things as they can turn to reality. Whenever you catch yourself having negative threads or worries once again, breathe heavily and pause for a while before continuing with bubbles of optimism

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