Introducing Giddimint – An Online Store with a Difference


Streetwear is a word that is largely used to describe high quality clothing that gets its influence from its surroundings or “The Streets”. In other words, streetwear is an expression of whatever is going on around the designer; politically, socially, etc.

No one can say for sure when streetwear started but urban legend has it that streetwear as we know it was started in California by Shawn Stussy but hip hop inspired streetwear was born when a Karl Kani (also known as the Ralph Lauren of the streets) started his own line due to his dissatisfaction with the designs of the dominant “white” brands (he believed that black people never liked tight fitting jeans). This opened the door for brands like Phat Pharm, FUBU, Mecca, and a whole host of other black owned American brands to get on the scene.

Nigerian street wear, largely hindered for several years by crippling Government policies and importation of foreign brands and second hand clothing, has been experiencing significant growth recently. This growth is being driven by the new Nigerian youth. Fuelled by renewed originality, creativity and originality, the new Nigerian youth seek various means of expression. They have found one in Nigerian music which they have made a global phenomenon. We strongly believe that Nigerian streetwear is not far behind.
Giddimint is an online store for indigenous urban apparel from Nigeria/Africa. Created in September 2011, the store acts as a medium of expression for the creativity, originality and resourcefulness of the new Nigerian/African youth through urban fashion items and accessories also known as street wear.

The store is the first of its kind in Nigeria and stocks urban brands like Cool Beans, NS1463, Allen & Fifth, Literati, Seek by Karo Akpokiere and Guerilla Monkey Head with more brands scheduled to go online in the first quarter of 2013.

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