Saeon Gets Interviewed by Jay Ogunlana


Also watch the video of her with Nigerisn Ambassador to Angola.

1. Nice to finally have a chance to chat with you. For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

Hiya, likewise you, thanks for the opportunity. My full name’s Oluwaseun Omolara Oni, I’m a singer/song-writer and an entertainer with the stage name “Saeon”.

2. Please explain the stage name SAEON.

Its pronounced “Sion”. Always knew I wanted to be a singer so a friend of mine (Atim Ukoh) sat down together and thought of Saeon which is basically a combination of letter from my names… S –  from Seun; A – from Omolara; E from Eva; and ON from Oni.

3. It seems like you came from no where and started buzzing in the ears of everyone. How has the music experience been.

Well officially, I’ve been around for ’bout a year. Unofficially, 3 years. Started releasing songs in 2009. For the most part of it, its been great!!! I have every cause to be grateful for every step I’ve been able to climb in this journey.

4. Who have you worked with.

I’ve worked with Flowssick, Falz, Blackmagic and a couple other artists whose names I’m not allowed to give out just yet.

5. Who do you want to work with put of Nigeria.

Ryan Leslie, Neyo, Keyshia Cole…

6. Speaking of work, there’s this thing going on about you writing Repete for BlackMagic. Please elaborate.

He hit me up about wanting my help on the hook of the song. He doesn’t speak yoruba so I helped out with writing the hook as well as figuring out its melodies.

7. Have you written for other artists?

I’ve written with other artists. I am open to writing for artists as well as being written for.

8. JARA! Your new single. What does this mean & what inspired it?

Jara is Hausa for more. In Jara, I’m saying I want more in a relationship… the little things, that old school type loving. not what our generation has turned it into (Setting “P”). So more love, more attention, more enthusiasm… I love the idea of wooing or being wooed.

9. Describe your kind of music.

I don’t like to box myself up into one particular genre even though I started out writing R’n’B and Soft Rock… I dabble. I also rap and as you know, my latest single is pure Pop. So I’d say I’m versatile, asin different in everything I bring to the table, not just from every other artist.

10. We heard about the school tour you’re doing with other artists. Fill us in on the goal.

Promoting the importance of higher education through entertainment by university graduates who are artists in the industry as well as creating an awareness platform for the artists.

11. Nigerian Music Video Awards Nominee. Your first nomination. Congratulations. Explain the feeling and what this means to you.

Thank you. I feel honored. The recognition serves as a reminder that hard work never goes un noticed.

12. Should we be expecting your album this year? If not, when?

I’m in no rush. It takes a lot to put an album together, especially in an industry such as ours and given the fact that I’m an Indie Artist.




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