See What a Landlord’s Son Did to Tiwa Banks, a Fast Rising Female Singer



One of the Nigerian talented artist, TIWA BANKS aka Tiwantiwa was brutally assaulted by her landlord’s youngest son called Tobi Obadina who is a guy that has assaulted several people in the hood.

Tobi Obadina came into Tiwa’s apartment at night due to little misunderstanding in the day, broke a bottle on her head then stabbed her, her brother and a neighbor who met him at the scene. He left her in d pool of blood before She was rushed to the hospital by neighbors.

Tiwa is on hospital bed now while Tobi Obadina boast around saying he can not be arrested because he’s an ex-officer’s son.

Tobi Obadina must be brought to book.. This is wickedness

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