Tinsel’s Leading Man, Victor Olaotan Commends First Cause [ Premiere Pictures + Feature]

The much talked about premiere of the flick, First Cause starring Gabriel Afolayan, Akintola Akin-Lewis, Jackie Idimogu, Chinwe Claudiana Craig etal, held on Friday at Silverbird Cinemas, where an overwhelming number of film buffs and fans of the cast and crew filled the theatre to the brim.

At the end of the movie, most of the guests interviewed were ecstatic about Gabriel Afolayan’s performance, as some of his remarkable performances in the movie received instantaneous applause from the thrilled audience.

According to Victor Olaotan (who plays the lead character of Fred Ade Williams on MNET’s Tinsel) “ First Cause is definitely a movie you can pay your hard-earned money to watch in the cinemas – watching these youngsters’ performance tonight makes us want to be our jobs better – particularly, Gabriel Afolayan’s performance was excellent – he did well in smoothly passing the message of his character across – and he did it almost effortlessly”

An excited Gabriel Afolayan reacted to the accolades he’d been receiving since the movie screened, by saying: “it can’t get better than this – I’m so in love with myself right now” catching his breathe; posing for pictures with a dozen fans before continuing, “movie-goers are not silly, the feedback tonight shows that the audience have seen the hard work we put into this movie, and they appreciate it, and that makes myself, and the entire cast and crew very proud indeed”

Commenting on the character he played, he said, “this is the first time I’m playing lead, and the character I played has so much positive energy and depth in the sense that Frank (my character) remains upbeat and mentally resilient as he keeps on making things awesome things happen around him – in a way, I share a few similarities with Frank because I believe we both have the same positive attitude. All in all, I’m speechless at the love I’m receiving, because it was definitely not an easy role to interpret”

Everything about First Cause Movie  seems to scream rebellious, innovative, and unapologetically different – from the cinematography to the daring plot. The debutant producer/director, Osezuah Elimihe took a big risk with his choice of story and pace of the plot, and surprisingly, Nigerian audiences connected with his vision effortlessly. In a nutshell, First Cause is not your average story – it’s not interpreted in the regular formulaic manner familiar to Nollywood – the film dares the viewer to think – and yes, the audiences at the premiere did THINK – they thought the movie should receive a wider cinema release very soon, as most of the guests wouldn’t mind seeing it for a second, and maybe a third time.


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