Covenant University Expels Over 200 Students


Over 200 students were expelled from Convenant University, owned by Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel. Oyedepo who’s the chancellor of the school, visited the school’s chapel unannounced and wasn’t too happy with what he saw.

Nigeria’s topmost christian university,Covenant University,owned by Bishop David oyedepo is known for their strict rules and Shrewd Discipline,well last saturday, over 200 students were shown the way out of the University.

The institution popularly known for not allowing students to use phones,had their departure last saturday evening when trouble erupted, the vice chancellor was giving a speech when students started diving through the chapel doors and windows.

Suddenly the Chancellor, Bishop oyedepo started making his way through the Chapel, anger visibly displaying on his face, he called the former dean of student affairs,Mr bassey. As both men left the chapel,Other members of staff and faculty even the VC followed the duo outside for a brief meeting.

By then students were gripped to their seats in terror wondering what might have happened,it was discovered that the chancellor was angry because students were seen loitering around the chapel,some talking and gisting,while some were playing.

The chancellor entered the chapel premises unannounced and as some students discovered who it was,They took their heels,Many students started running into the chapel scrambling for seats and any free space they could, some boys who did not have ties on,started looking for ways to acquire some,even a group of boys numbering up to five allegedly took a girl’s scarf and ripped it to shreds using the parts to produce makeshift ties all not to get into trouble.

Then the members of faculty and staff started returning back into the chapel, then the education secretary,Mrs.Aize Obayan took to the podium, as she was speaking,students were murmuring,then the Chancellor walked up to the podium and politely took the microphone, he said ”if i hear the voice of any student, the curse of the lord shall fall upon that one”. the chapel went dead silent.

That night, the chancellor spoke on Discipline and his vision for the university, immediately after the chancellor finished his speech and left the chapel,The vice chancellor took the mic and told the students to wait behind because a search was going to be carried out in all the halls of residence in order to fish out students who did not attend the service.

25 final years students were caught and an undisclosed number of lower level students,two students were caught smoking weed,more than 200 students were expelled from the university.

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