K Solo Maintains Responsibility as a Father



Following the news that went places about K-Solo divorcing his wife, he confessed via a social network that he has not withdrawn his responsibility has the father of their child.

He said that the fact that he divorced Kike does not in any way mean he denounced the baby. ‘You can take the wife of a lazy man but not his child.

When he grows up he will identify his father. I never said it’s not my baby and I don’t know why people actually said so, maybe because she didn’t bring the baby to me when he was delivered. I impregnated her, though a lot of fornication might have gone on during the pregnancy. I know my love and she (Kike) is just a baby mama’.

Fans are however at alert for any news about his new marriage quoting that he,  K-Solo, is a wife beater.

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