Joseph Benjamin Present Relief Materials to Flood Victims

Stirred by the recent Kogi flood disaster, Joseph Benjamin pioneered a team to deliver relief materials to the state. The “Help Kogi” project was initiated to provide material support to the victims of the flood in Kogi. Last week, the team – made up of Joseph, Darey, Jaywon, Malik, Cordelia Okpei, and MoEazy – was at Kogi State to present the relief materials.

They were welcomed by Governor Idris Wada and his deputy, Yomi Awoniyi.It was something that had to be done. I rallied my friends and we gathered resources to offer what we could to the victims of the flood. We hope that beyond what we have provided, that the victims are able to get their life and sustenance back as alleviation measures are in place to tackle the issue”, Joseph Benjamin stated.

Governor Idris Wada expressed his gratitude to the team, commending their efforts and empathy towards the plight of the state.





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