Gross: Nigerians Rob Safes in UAE

A group of eight has been arraigned in the United Arab Emirate for allegedly robbing safes in Sharjah. It is however saddening to know that seven of these rogues are Nigerians and the last, from Bangladesh.

The men were arrested on suspicion of being involved in a series of thefts of automobile spare parts alongside huge amounts of cash in companies located in Sharjah’s industrial, an official at Sharjah Police said on Saturday. To show sign of willingness to respond to requests, the police force organised a team to ensure this group was put in the way of the law after complaints were lodged by the owners of the companies affected. The police team inspected the companies and gathered evidence which helped them track down the suspects. An emergency police team raided the homes of the suspects and arrested them.

They also prepared all the procedures to arrest the one who fled the country. During the raid, police officers confiscated the tools used by the gang to carry out the thefts. The suspects confessed to their crimes and have been referred to the public prosecution.

When exactly is Nigeria going to be washed clean from these mess? We should all join hands to ensure evil does not surpass better things yet to manifest.

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