Yetunde Babaeko Exhibit her Ability at Porsche Centre

Aside from the fact that all pictures are in black and white, each of them have  touches of African Mythology which gave the artworks extreme beauty. ‘ITAN‘, which has been running from 3rd of November, 2012, held another exhibit session at the Porsche Center, Akin Adesola, Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday 16th of November 2012. Many would have thought, before the exhibition, against a woman’s ability to convey not just the feeling of beauty but in-depth messages through artworks forgetting of course that the likes of Anna Atkins and Constance Talbot had once made very important hits in the world of photography.


After a long while of walking around to see and pass individual comments on the work, the event was introduced and at 7:18pm. The very talented singer, Praiz was beckoned upon to entertain the guests with music. He dropped four tracks, took a bow and then went back to join his fans also present at the exhibition. Also present at the occasion was Nigerian Female Rapper ‘Weird Mc‘.


In an interview with the female contemporary photographer, Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko about the concept that formed in her mind to have been able to create the beautiful images, the artist said that ‘ I am the kind of person that is very fictive. I read a lot. Most times, I just scribble pictures and they come out fine’. While undergoing the tour, something was common in the pictures, which was originality. They were particularly ladies with extreme make-overs,mainly to open another view to the beauty of the goddesses,as conceptualized by the photographer.


Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko, when asked about why she chose to go traditional explains that ‘on getting back to Nigeria, I decided to make some research on the common ‘orisas’ (deities) specifically related to the ‘Yoruba’ culture and practices. I developed interest in ‘Osun’ and so decided to put the imagery into pictures’. Diabolism was manifested in most of the pictures.


All goddesses represented by the pictures had very long artificial nails coupled with thick make-overs which involved the used of feathers to extend eye lashes to further the impression about originality. When one of the make up artists was speaking, she made it known that making up the models before the photo shoot took over three hours with some extending to four.


‘The Osun goddess I,II and III’ which pictures a beautiful woman in the fresh waters with feathers in her hand, ‘Ogun- god of Iron’, ‘Queen‘ with layers of chain to cover her neck, ‘Ikenga Calls‘ which pictures a lady with the long eastern traditional cow horn, ‘Mrs Babalawo I and II‘ with the cross that signifies Christ’s crucifixion alongside cowries and bones over her for head, ‘Tangled‘ which has a web over her face and ‘the pretty stranger who killed the king I,II and III’ which has a very beautiful lady with a dagger pointed to her mouth, in the position of being about to stab someone and to her forehead,respectively.


Right after the performance by Praiz and the tour, Yetunde Ayeni-Babaeko stepped forward to deliver a speech of appreciation to those who stood by her in the process and her sponsors as well.

More grease to your elbow, Madam.

Pictures from the exhibition will be posted later.

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