Tweet Friday with Skales and All You Have To Do Is Ask

Guess who we have on Tweet Friday this week…it’s SKALES! A very talented Nigerian rapper and singer who is doing great at what he loves. You know the drill people! Keep your questions funny, simple and very creative and you might just be this week’s winner! Join 1Music Network and Skales at 3pm on twitter to see your questions get answered live!

If you are just joining us, this should help you catch up real fast. ‘Tweet Friday’ is a new show exclusive to the 1Music Network. It is the only show which allows you ask your favorite celebrities questions and get something remarkable. All you need to participate is a twitter account.

Here is how it works: Each Friday, we pick a celebrity who participants get to throw random, creative yet funny questions at. They could also be questions you’ve always wanted to ask them but they must be creative; not just the regular questions we hear during interviews.

The participant with the most creative question(s) gets answers from the celebrity, an immediate ‘follow back’ on twitter and lots more. All questions must be sent before 12:00am the Friday after!

How To Post Questions: Just tweet at our handle [@1musicnetworks] or like our ‘Facebook fan page’ – and send us your questions as messages or send them (with your name, location and twitter handle) to It’s just that easy!

Winners will be announced on Friday each week while we pick a new celebrity too so the cycle continues.

It’s ‘game on’ people! Send in exciting and creative questions about Skales and win this week’s ‘Ultimate Fan Experience’.

It’s all about the questions on Tweet Friday.

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