After a wide and deep tour into the music industry Charles Enebeli popularly known as D’Prince released a mind-blowing album on November 5th, 2012. The young artist-after several collaborations both on the pitch of the Mavin crew and beyond  accompanied by few hit singles- ‘Omoba‘,‘Jonzing World‘, ‘I like what I See’,’Ooze‘ and ‘Give It To Me‘,replicates his popularity with his singles on the Solar Plexus album,‘Take Banana’, ‘Why You Over There’ and ‘Amarachi‘.

All these do not suspend the fact that the best of the days of the baby of the Mavin crew would till no one knows when, remain the 5th day of November 2012 when he dropped his 25-track album accompanied by a Promo Video titled ‘FRENZY‘.

Following is the one-after-the-other review of tracks therein;

‘Bad Girls‘ – the first of all track and the introduction into the world of extreme excitement and mental agitation. After thorough assessment of the artiste’s choice of words, there is a feeling that all track’s would be ‘crazily’ captivating. He uses ‘Don’t hold me…‘ first which in its own way means he wants to have fun to the fullest which is the exact definition of the album title.

The second track as well – ‘Journey of a Thousand Miles‘. This track has the best intro ever in the album,viewing from the aspect of how wonderfully and made-to-fit the beats were mixed. This track embodies very important theme which would work for the youths of this evil century who would because the journey seems long lose interest in taking bold steps in pursuit of success. This is where the theme of ‘Struggle’ comes in. ‘One Step at a Time…’,’…it’s never too late’, ‘Journey of a thousand Miles Start with a Step’ amongst others send pulses into ‘hustlers’. The song also features the President of the Mavin Records, Don Jazzy and Wande Coal also with the Mavin crew.


‘Goody Bag‘,falls into the category of songs that have ‘sweet’ beats but very shallow message passed across. For every effort put in by a musician to ensure the masses have fun, he should be wary of the main message. Fans would of course, get thrilled by the way the beat changes from being fast to being slow and then back to the fast.

It was a good concept. ‘Amina‘,just like the third track, has no meaning,from the perspective of a critic. Songs should not be released for the sake of money alone the theme is necessary. Aside this, the singer/songwriter used more of vulgar words. It should also be put into consideration that kids of 21st century now sing this songs unconsciously and their mentality must be kept virgin till they attain certain stages.

On to the next track, ‘Africa Zumba’. It is a good idea to want to unite africans via dance but since the ‘Zumba‘ is still very fresh and most people don’t know what it means, the songwriter has not succeeded in communicating. Speaking for Nigeria alone, we knew what ‘Azonto‘ meant way before the song was released. If ‘Africa Zumba‘ had gone this direction, it would have been the best. The song however, has good beats mixed accompanied by very ‘tight’ lyrics.

‘Painting the town’ which features Wizkid,explains the theme of ‘Good Life‘. The songwriter uses ‘Up there is where I Belong…‘ as a starter to explain how enjoyable his present lifestyle is. The tension remains flat though, until Wizkid also a fast rising superstar,steps in with the ‘Fuji’ accent which makes him unique. A ‘deaf’ man would place the young talent’s voice. The beat is fabulous.

The seventh track, ‘Carry it Up’ also explains the theme of ‘Good life’. This is deduced through the writer’s diction. ‘Having fun dancing and drinking…’ explains to much. This track despite the just-there beat remains the least message-conveying in the first half of the album. It features Timaya.

The eight track  ‘Believe’ would have successfully conveyed the great message embedded in it but for the wrong positioning. This should have been the first or second track in this album as it sheds more light on the early life of the songwriter cum singer before cash flow got high. Speaking on the sound, the beat accompanied by the voice makes the whole track very touching and beautiful.

The beat on the ninth track ‘Call Police’ is the only thing that has been focused on obviously. Realists would never agree with the lyrics. He speaks of  ‘Smoking Igbo…‘ which was rather to blunt. However, it has very cool acapella beat. Furthermore, if the lines had rhyme, there would have been additional beauty.

Behold the tenth track, ‘Real G’ Featuring MI, the initial part of this song carries the listener along until the commencement of the first rap where one has to strain his ear to get the words. One could give really cool rap sequence without using the American accent. It is not audible despite the cool beat and the legend featured therein.

‘Overdose and Jonzing’, the eleventh track though being Rap which features Young Breed, gives an indept analysis of the kind of Good Life the songwriter. To a lame man, D’prince has succeeded in speaking nothing though. His diction all through is ambiguous. He could have used the lame man terms to communicate with those in the average class. That would have given him an edge. The wonderful beat was ‘cooked‘ by Babyfresh of Mavin Records.

Shower’ also follows this format.  It is a rap and just sheds more light on his transformed life. He speaks of large sums of money with Gold to buttress his theme though. It is indeed a good idea. The beat was also made by Babyfresh.

Ife’, simply a session of confessing true love. This track brings back the memory of Don Jazzy with Tiwa Savage on that thrilling track, ‘Without my Heart’. This track is rated the best in this album not just because it discusses ‘Love‘ but for the beats mixed accompanied with the lyrics in Yoruba dialect. It is lovely. This track is exclusively produced by Don Jazzy.

‘By Myself’, appears to be another very touching track which would have forced tears out of many’s eyes. The multi-talented singer carefully disseminates a great message to the masses saying whatever he is today,is as a result of his personal hard work – ‘I did it all by myself oo…’. The beat is slow which makes manifesting the mood of the track very easy. It’s really cool.

Many things have happened ‘Because of Love‘- the fifteenth track. It features Bracket who adds aesthetics to the songs with their voices. The track however, explains the ordeal of the singer while trying to ensure that the love between himself and the village brought-up does not fade up-‘I’ll do anything for you because of love…’. The theme was well stated and the beat made to fit in to the flow of lines. Beautiful!

The first point to be noted about the Sixteenth track ‘Get Some’ is that the singer appeared to be out of words which would have been obvious but for the bass-filled beat which covers the errors. Wande Coal features in ‘Ojoro‘. Ojoro gives a gradual year-by-year analysis of what the omoba’s life was like ranging from the 2005 till date. It is obvious that there is a focus for this track. Must commend ‘Spellz’ for the gentle beat which gives room for Wande Coal to speak audibly. It is a great track.

‘No More Sleeping On ‘Em‘ the voice of made men. The track which features the almighty Wizkid, brings back memories of when the struggle was fully activated and now when everything just seems easy people who rebelled want to come back. The beat adds aesthetics to the track rating it the second of the best after ‘Ife‘. Really great track.

The first obvious feature on the nineteenth track of the ‘Frenzy’ album-Chant- is the beat.  Judging from the title, the first one minute of the track was lost. The Singer remained incommunicado. The beat was the only thing that was understood.

Right from the second after the first minute,the true lyrics evolves. He speaks about his ‘rise’ in the industry and generally about the ‘good life’ he is experiencing. He however towards the end of the track honors the Almighty with a few lines asking for forgiveness and all. It would have been closer to being the best but for the flaws stated above.

Finally unto the final track, ‘Thank You’  Moving and very touching it is his intro acknowledges in general those who showed and still shows him ‘love’ all around the country spreading a large ‘Thank You’ across to everyone fit to be appreciated.

This is further buttressed by where he says ‘For all the love that you showed me, just wanna say thank you‘(2ce). It is a common saying that Nigerian Musicians are whack and would always d short of what happens in the world beyond Nigeria. I must though commend D’Prince and his brother Don Jazzy for a job well done.

The album was well cooked. Don’t dull points could have been missing in this but ‘Nobody is above mistakes‘ said D’prince in that second track. Lol.

Conclusively, everyone should look out for this talented singer cum songwriter as well as this album FRENZY or you are really going to miss the star of all time.

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