Kanye West Cancels VMAs Appearance Because His GIRLFRIEND Isn’t Attending?

Word on the internet streets is that Kanye West has just pulled out of tonight’s VMAs  in L.A. at the 11th hour.  All because his girlfriend Kim K. isn’t able to attend.  Since she’s “working” in New York.

According to The Daily Mail reports Mr. West has just cancelled his MTV VMAs appearance.  According to the site, he did not want to attend if Kim wasn’t attending since they’re attached at the hip and all.

Kim is in Manhattan today promoting her newest fragrance.  And is not able to jet across the country to Cali to hit up the Awards show.  So Kanye, who was not scheduled to perform but was indeed scheduled to show up, has now supposedly said he’s not going either.

Neither side has confirmed anything about the cancellation or the reason, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was true.

So despite the twosome appearing in a promo for the Awards show, looks like neither of them will actually be there.  Na wa ooo!!!!!

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