US Elections: Whitehouse Stays Black – Barack Obama Wins

This can be described as one of the most keenly contested U.S Presidential elections in American history. President Barack Obama joined his political mentor Mr William Jefferson Clinton to win a second term as President of the United States of America for another four years. The Obama team polled 303 electoral college votes as against Romney’s 203 electoralcollege votes, meeting the required 270 electoral required for any Presidential candidate to win an election.

Obama won in key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to claim the victory, while had great votes from the African-Americans and the Latino Americans. There has been wild jubilations at the Chicago base of the Obama Campaign headquarters since the news of the defining win came in and celebrations and flag wavings by Obama supporters have also been overwhelming.

One of the defining moments of the election when results announced showed Obama’s victory in Massachussets the home of Governor Romney and Wisconsin the home of Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. In his Twitter page Obama said ‘Another Four Years, That’s how we campaign and that’s how we do it’, the total costs of the election campaign on both sides gulped about $2billion revealing a very costly one. After months of rigorous campaign and mobilization the ‘Obama Team’ is relieved at their team work effort and commendations will go to the likes of Former President Clinton and David Plouffe the quintessential campaign manager for a job well-done

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