Trybe Records Terminates Eva Alordiah’s Contract

It’s just five months after fast rising female rapper, Eva Alordiah was signed up toTrybes Record and her ontract has been terminated.  Reports say it has been long coming, as there has been a prolonged disagreement between her and the management of the eLDee the Don-owned outfit.

Trybes Records got tired of Eva’s excessive demands. And they have now taken the step to release her.

Trybe Records statement  released today states:

Trybe Records and Eva Alordiah have agreed to terminate her recording contract effective immediately. Trybe Records’ vision is to discover and nurture the talents of our artists while operating with purpose, valuing relationships with our partners within the industry, and being persistent in creating and releasing quality music. Unfortunately, over the past 5 months Eva’s vision has not aligned with ours and thus, both parties have agreed to separate.

We wish Eva the best in her future endeavors and plan on continuing towards our goal of creating quality music for Nigeria and beyond‘.


Eva’s last release was the video for the song ‘High’, off her EP, GIGO, which was released earlier this year.  She did not release any song or video under Trybes Records.

As at this time of this report, we could not reach Eva.

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