Bus Conductor Shot Dead By Policeman in Ketu

Today, 7th November 2012, will forever remain memorable to the residents of Ketu and above all, the family members of a bus conductor who met his fate in the hands of a greedy policeman at sunset around Ketu Bus-stop, Lagos.

Of course, committing despicable acts have become the order of the day but who would have thought it could have been from the hands of a law-enforcement agent? The conductor to the vehicle with plate number XL 89 KRD was left in cold blood after being shot by a policeman for not paying him the regular Bus-Stop fee.

Sources have it that the policeman and the Conductor where seen exchanging words after which the former asked to be paid-  The policeman said “Pay money, no pay money abi, I will shot you‘ and he did. The policeman noticed that the bus conductor was not forth-coming and so he shot him. Everyone however prays that this evil man be arraigned and given the right judgement.

Just last week , an Okada man was stripped naked  at Unilag Junction by policemen. Yesterday they killed another Okada man at Ilupeju Byepass.

We pray we find justice to all these illegal killings by policemen.

The Bus Number


The conductor shot dead at Ketu bus stop

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