More opinion! More issues! More debate! YNaija.com introduces the Y! Superbloggers

In line with the Y! brand essence that focuses on issues and ideas that central to the informed and engaged young Nigerian, from November 1, YNaija.com brings you the _Y! SUPERBLOGGERS SERIES_, another milestone in the life of what has become Nigeria’s leading youth brand.This series will feature an ultimate 100 bloggers who, daily, will provide a feast of ideas, experiences, discussions and debate over a range of issues from food to technology, sex to religion. It extends the Y! mission to inspire thought, provoke action and stimulate growth.Over the past year, YNaija.com has gained the distinction of being an issues-compass—with opinions, editorials, features, analyses, commentary and essays that focus on the issues, debates and conversations that are front-and-centre for an aware youth population.

In March, we launched the YNaija FrontPage—a daily op-ed series on the site that will present exciting voices on national issues, from the perspective of young leaders. Taking direct inspiration from the wildly popular Thisday BackPage, it provides informed, authoritative commentary on national issues (with a focus on politics/economy) in a way that guides and/or influences a generation interested in a Nigeria that works. As intended, the FrontPage has very quickly become a reference point for informed observations and an authentic guide to the perspective of Nigeria’s Y! Generation.

In April, we launched the 30 Days, 30 Voices series, a bi-monthly series, focused beyond politics and the economy and give rich insight into the mind and life of a still evolving generation. The series aims to get and share various writers with varying experiences across the world.

“The new series goes to strengthen our position as the most influential contemporary culture force in Nigeria, especially for the upwardly mobile young person,” says Aziza Uko, who is its editor-at-large. “If you ask yourself: What are young people thinking – and talking about – right now? YNaija.com is the place to go.”

The_ Y! SUPERBLOGGERS SERIES_ showcases leading Nigerian bloggers whom are insightful, knowledgeable, and original and focused on health, beauty, environment, finance, advocacy, entertainment, social commentary, fashion, relationships, faith, and career development.

The_ Y! SUPERBLOGGERS_ is a daily series and will feature on YNaija.com’s lead column. This unique ensemble includes 20 refreshing
bloggers who represent the professional, educated, motivated, and young Nigeria.

The series kicks off daily from November 1, 2012. See some of the bloggers below:

1.  Kingsley Iweka — www.iamscopeman.wordpress.com

2.  Kay Aishida — www.blogaces.wordpress.com

3.  Abigail Anaba — www.anabagail.wordpress.com

4.  Yewande Sobamowo — www.shelovesthefinerthings.com

5.  Dianah Aigiomawu — www.dianahsplace.com

6.  Ekpenyong Effiong — www.dmoviereview.wordpress.com

7.  Ololade Olatunji — www.loladeville.blogspot.com

8.  John Onwuegbu — www.questechie.com

9.  Obafemi Fawibe — www.obafemifawibe@wordpress.com

10. Emeh Achanga — www.misspetitenigeria.blogspot.com

11. Nkiru Okoye — www.cakesbymissvuitton.blogspot.com

12. Tope Ayo-Olofin — www.toperants.com

13. Adaobi Okwy — www.adaobiokwy.com

14. Opemipo Adebanjo — www.opesays.com

15. James Silas — www.jarmzone.blogspot.com

16. Fisayo Eko-Davies — www.fisayomi.blogspot.com

17. Solomon Uyi Osadolo — www.soloxpress.blogspot.com

18. Kenechi Uzochukwu — www.kayceeuzor.wordpress.com

19. Temiloluwa Adebayo — www.temiville.wordpress.com

20. Anderson Paul Damisa — www.lazywrita.wordpress.com

21. Sugabelly — www.sugabellyrocks.com

22. Mfon Ekpo — www.mfonekpo.com

23. Aziza Uko — www.azizauko.blogspot.com

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