VIDEO PREMIERE: 5 Mics – Ray Charles (Uncensored) Happy Halloween

With “Five Blessings” and “Elevating” currently enjoying tremendous airplay on radio, the Abuja-bred rapper, 5mics is not taking his foot off the gas pedal, as he intends to correct the impression held by heads, that since he moved to Lagos, he’s abandoned his hardcore hip-hop roots, corrupted by the mainstream, and forced to churn out ‘commercial’ music.

The content warning at the beginning of the video does well to prepare you for entering into the gory world of underground hip hop, whilst 5 Mic’s performance in the video metaphorically depicts how carnivorous his bars are, and how much of an ill lyricist he actually is. For his outstanding lyrical agility, and commendable role interpretation, you’d be impressed enough to award the artiste the full 5 mics rating. And for the video, we’ll let you decide the director’s fate…but a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation may not be totally out of order…

Happy Halloween.


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