‘Salawa Abeni is my Mentor’ – Oyinkansola

Oyinkansola started singing in the church choir as a child when her Ghanaian choir mistress, Mrs. Vera Akindele discovered her singing in the church compound. Oyinkansola grew up listening to the music of indigenous greats like Kollington Ayinla and Barrister (Fuji Music), Sunny Ade and Ebenezar Obey (Juju).

She will be performing at One Mic Naija Independence Edition.. Here is what she has to say..

Can we meet you?
Oyinkansola Abosede Moronfolu

Under what genre  would you classify you music and why have u chosen that genre?

Fuji pop -I chose that because  there’s no female doing it except me. I was formerly doing folks and play the guitar but everyone was comparing me with so many people. So I changed to do something different.

Hmmm!! that quite a challenge.
Yes it is

Haven featured notable artist like GT the guitarman, would you conclude you are getting the best of your wish as regards music?

Yes and  No. I have some wonderful people and  I so much believe in them. It will  be a dream come true if I work with them. So with Gt tha guitarman and BrymO I still consider myself very lucky.

Won’t you mention the  names of the people you want to work with?

Well Yinka Davies is my mentor in Nigeria here so she is number one. I love 9ice so much and I look forward to work with him. I also want to work with  Tuface Idibia in the nearest future.

Let’s get a bit psychological. Your first single is titled ‘CRY’. Do you want to give and insight to that title? I believe it has a lot of meaning.

Yes it has.  Everything I said in the song is true.

Please take us through the journey…
I lost a wonderful person whom I gave tough time n that’s ma mother. She brought us well saying there’s lesson n blessing in crying.

So is it right to say your first single is for your mother?


In our music industry, ladies hardly reach that height in which men attain(I stand to be corrected). How do you intend break in?

Well with God’s grace I’ll break d yoke n besides I’ve got my style. My style will speak out for me because I have not seen any female artiste do it well so I’ll stand out well.

That brings me bak to your style. Fuji pop…pls enlighten your fans and the society at large on this new style and what you intend doing with it?

I respect my mother Salawa Abeni a lot and I used to listen to her songs back then. I started listening to other fuji musicians and I didn’t regret it.  I do folks then n was so razz that I do a lot of songs in yoruba so I asked if I could give it a trial on dat funky beat and  it worked with it.  It was then I was told to stick with this style that nobody, no female artiste has done it before. It became a part of me.   One day I will perform one of Salawa abeni’s songs on stage and she will be present there .

So you intend to give it a different dimension in  fuji music?

Yes I do

What should your fans expect from you at One Mic Naija Independence Edition?

They should expect something new from me. I look forward to perform on One Mic Naija Stage

If not music, what would it have been?

It won’t have been anything. It would still be something around it like production or playing an instrument for the band.

How soon should your fans expect your album?

Ok will take ma time to get ma fans attention on me b4 I drop ma album n by second quarter of next year I should be ready to drop an album.



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