Lip Sealed – Godwin Tom Refuse to Speak on New Contract with Wizkid

Its no more news that Nigeria born international Pop singer- Wizkid is parading his new manager Godwin Tom after his separation with his Five Years manager, Ms Osagie Osarenkhoe .

On Wednesday October 24, 2012 our reporter contacted the new manager in respect of the new deal but only a ‘lucky’ text message got the discouraging response saying ‘lol.. nothing to say bro’.

As it stands, it sees both the old and new manager are either compelled or chose not the discuss the deal as Osagie Osarenkhoe was also quoted saying ‘ I am not in the best position to discuss this’ earlier.

We can only hope the cat would be let out of the bag as efforts are still going on to ‘un-seal’ the sealed lips.

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