‘No, I Can’t and Won’t Quit School’ – Dammy Krane

In this Interview, Dammy talks about how he met 2 Face and got signed to Hypertek Records. He is one of the headliners for Independence Edition for One Mic Naija and he is looking forward to thrill his fans this Sunday At Browns Cafe.. Enjoy!!

You seem to have a background in Fuji Music. How would you describe your kind/Style of music?

– I call it d concoction music which is a fusion of different genres; Fuji, pop, Afro beats, a little bit of everything. I like to experiment with music

Asides your incredible energy and stage presence, why do you think you command this kind of attention at your disposal now?

– I live by certain success principles, which I tag HHP, not the South African artist lol. HHP stands for humility, hardwork, and patience. I believe that this is what’s working for me now and this is just the beginning.

DammyKrane, Skales and Bigmo

DammyKrane, Skales and Bigmo

You seem to pay more attention to  entertaining your audience, than passing any notable message in particular. Is this an intentional strategy or just a tip of what you’ve got?

– I do this intentionally because people go to concerts to be entertained, to experience the artist, to see what they haven’t seen or heard before. However, there are occasions when it’s necessary for me to pass a certain message while I entertain and I don’t hesitate to.

So why do you think you were signed to Hypertek records?

– I believe they saw something unique in me and my sound. 2face once said to me ”I signed you because I saw myself in you”. This statement alone changed a lot of things for me

Now that you’ve got a record label, what has changed for you career wise?

– Everything is more organized and well structured. I’ve got the best label and management…kolere body!

Do you see yourself quitting school for music (permanently / momentarily)?

– No, I can’t and won’t quit school.

Most difficult part of your work as an artiste is?

– I don’t think there’s a difficult part because I love what I do so I face every challenge with a drive to succeed

Why should anyone look forward to your performance at One Mic Naija?

– It’s going to be my first live band performance and I’m going hard!!! Dammy Krane live!

So what could hinder your success at One Mic Naija?

– The only thing that hinder my performance would be the non-availability of a band, which cn neva happen

  If you had the chance to choose between “a Lip Sync performance” & “a Live performance”, which would you go for and why?

– Definitely a live perfrmance, because it gives room for interaction with the audience and a lot more creativity

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