Affairs- The Middle. Love, Logic…and Tears.

After a three month long hiatus which was brought about by a stressful vacation job, Graduation from University (It was successful, Thank you!), Youth Service registration, self-discovery and planning a better plot for our heroine, Gee, I am back and hopefully, better.

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Kisses on your neck; kisses on your shoulders; kisses that run straight down to your back. What better way to wake up?

‘I have missed you so much, Gee. I am so glad you agreed to come over.’

I turned around and faced him. His face was there like it never left. Every mistake I had made in the past; Ayo and beyond seemed to be a memory I couldn’t remember and I chose not to try to remember. I had everything I wanted before me, kissing my forehead.

‘Me too’, I replied but covered my mouth almost instantly. ‘Sorry, morning breath. I know how you feel about that’.

He smiled warmly.

‘Now is not the time to be keep track of likes and dislikes. I have you here and that’s all that I want to think about.’ I moved in closer to him and we decided not to talk.

Love, they say is a matter of the heart but one must also walk in with their head. In moments like this one, when the heart takes over, it is impossible to get the head to function straight. For some of us women, it carries on this way for a longer period of time but for men, it seems to end as abruptly as it started. Logic sets in and they begin to see the faults in their decision.

Today, we were both men.

We didn’t have to say much about it to know that we both felt the same way. We took turns showering; dressed up and he dropped me off at a nearby restaurant where I was to meet up with a friend for lunch.

Before I left the car, we sat there quiet. He placed his hand on mine and spoke softly, looking into my eyes

‘I meant it when I said that I miss you. I do’

‘I know’, I replied.

We kissed and I stepped out of the car.

He waved and I stood on the pavement, watching as he drove off.

‘You are never gonna leave that guy. Are you?’

I recognized the voice of the person that had crept up behind me.

‘At least, I’m early to lunch this time. Give me a little credit’

He hugged me.

‘How are you doing?’ he asked as we walked into the restaurant and went to our usual seat. It is so nice to be a frequent customer to a lovely restaurant such as this one that Rob and I had lunch as often as our busy lives would allow.

Rob and I met about a year ago during one of the company’s trips out of town for a conference and it was amazing how many similar interests we had and how we disliked the people we worked with. Since then, after discovering that we lived a few miles from each other, we would converge at this restaurant and catch up on what has been up in each other’s lives. He has a wonderful taste in music and art which made it more fun when we decided to go shopping for new paintings and albums. We’d have our own little listening parties and exhibitions at each other’s apartments whenever we found a new musician that we wanted to give a fighting chance in our musical collection; over glasses of wine, snacks and, occasionally, movie to calm the pain if the album wasn’t worth it.

Rob is slim, tall and quite handsome. He wore a pair of glasses that made him look like a doctor, especially with his clean cut hair. Why we had never hooked was beyond me. I had never really thought about it and besides, he always has his own fair share of woman troubles. It isn’t possible to be that good looking and successful and not have ladies of all shapes and sizes flocking around you incessantly.

‘So, are you guys getting back together?’

I sipped from my wine glass.

‘No. It was a one-time thing.’

‘Okay. Now we are playing Hook up with the ex. Interesting. Was it any good?’

‘The sex?’

‘No, the tea party. Of course, I’m talking about the sex’

‘It was…okay’

‘Okay?’ He burst out laughing.

‘Please Rob. It wasn’t that bad. It is just that it felt…different. The passion we used to have has reduced by a notch or two’

‘You bet it has if you are going to describe it as Ok.’ He kept on laughing.

I rolled my eyes and adjusted myself so the waitress could place our order on the table.

‘How about Ayo? What happened at the conference?’ he asked sprinkling pepper on his plate of pasta.

I dropped my fork and looked at him with my eyes wide open.

‘He is crazy!’ I exclaimed.

He looked up at me with his face beaming with interest.

‘Go on’ He dropped the pepper shaker and folded his arm and sat back into his chair.

I began to rant.

‘I don’t get his spirit. It’s like he is confused. I don’t know what he is trying to accomplish. First, we hook up and he disappears then he comes back and stays ignoring me. We go to the conference, he comes begging for forgiveness; kisses me in front of my co-workers and tells me he wants to marry me! What the hell!’

‘Oh. My. Gosh, He is crazy.’ Rob returned with a very sarcastic tone.

‘I know! Wait; there was sarcasm in your tone. Are you on his side?’
He sat forward.

‘I’m not but I understand what he is trying to do’

‘Then let me know because I am angry, lost for words and…and …ANGRY! Argh!’

‘Please, don’t let us get kicked out of here.’ He chuckled.

I sighed and laughed lightly.

‘I’m sorry. He just infuriates me.’

‘He is just trying to fix the mess he made but he doesn’t know how so he is throwing all the cards he has in the game. I think you should meet him at better time; in a few days or weeks from now and talk it out.’

‘I am going to see him at the office on Monday, Rob’.

‘That doesn’t mean you should talk to him on Monday. Just take your time and listen to him whenever you decide to. He might really want to marry you. That should shut up your co-workers up for a while’

‘I’m sure they are having a meeting discussing my issue right now’

‘You wish you were that important.’

We chatted for a few more minutes. I told him about Tei and our little adventure together but didn’t mention the mystery knife guy. I was never going to meet him again so he wasn’t worth discussing.

‘Want me to drop you off at home?’ asked Rob as we left the restaurant.

‘No, I’ll walk a little. Besides, I have to meet up with Nina in a saloon down the road.’ I replied searching my bag for my phone so I could find out if she was there.

‘Speaking of Nina, How is she? Still single…and feisty?’

I threw him an ‘Are you for real’ look.

‘What? I was just asking for a friend. Can’t a young, single, unattached man with a nice car ask a question about a good looking sister without raising any suspicions that he might want her for himself?’

‘No’, I darted back. ‘Besides, she thinks you might be gay. You look too good for a single man.’

‘I know. I have been told that I am FABULOUS!’ He snapped his finger thrice.

I burst into fits of laughter.

‘Bye, sugar.’  I pecked him and walked on. He waved one last time as he got into his car and drove off.

I kept dialling Nina’s number but she wasn’t picking up her phone.

‘That child had better not make we wait under this hot afternoon sun’, I said to myself.

Without looking up for a second, I bumped into someone.

‘Oh Shit. I am sorry. I looked to show my puppy apologetic face. From the shoes, I could tell it was a guy so I was definitely getting away without any hate looks.

‘How’s you ankle?’

‘What?’ I replied astonished.

I took a closer look at who I had walked into.

There stood before me, mystery guy.

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