Information they say is Power. An uninformed fellow is quite powerless  and so a group of young people have decided to change the information capacity of the city popularly regarded as the East's answer to Lagos and Abuja.
As it's Editor, Makuochi Okafor says, the information portal and social platform is designed to put power into the hands of the people of Enugu.

Connect Enugu is an Initiative for people in, around and entering Enugu to interact, socialize and stay informed on Everything about everything in Enugu. 
It uses Social activities and the media to achieve this Purpose through News, Articles and lots more. It already has an active Twitter presence  as its handle, @ConnectEnugu has over 1200 followers and it also has a Facebook page with a steady growing following.
On the First of October, as Nigeria will be celebrating her 52nd year as a free country, Enugu will be celebrating the birth of the future. launches on the First of October 2012. 

Join the Movement. 
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