Nigeria’s Got Talent – Bridging The Gap

Since debuting on September 16, 2012, Nigeria’s Got Talent immediately rose to being a must watch amongst reality TV viewers living in Nigeria and in the UK. Yes, it is true that the franchise show is not only singing oriented- it also attracts people with different skills like acrobats, dance, magic, comedy and stunts… but the impact Nigeria’s Got Talent has on viewers can be classified as revolutionary. 
And as the show gradually unravels, producers have so far kept their initial promise to bring excitement and entertainment to homes of Nigerian audience “We have put a lot in place to make sure that viewers have fun watching this show, and from the feedback we get through tweets and emails, we know that we have succeeded on what we embarked on doing” Adaora Mbelu Project Manager of Nigeria’s Got Talent says
True to her words, in the past three weeks, we have laughed at some, sympathized with some, and
applauded some, “But this is just the beginning” Adaora tells us :Get ready for nine more weeks of fun, laughter, tears and unbelievable twists” 
The journey to discovering the first winner of the Got Talent series has so far taken a twist we all didn’t envisage. Host Andre Blaze has taken viewers through the highs and lows of the audition phase, while judges Kate Henshaw, Yibo Koko and Dan Foster have proved to be authorities in their own rights, reviewing performances.

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