Arise Africa – GT The Guitarman

One question on everyone’s lips is “why is Africa so backward despite abundance of human and natural resources”..Though we claim to be free from our colonial masters, we are still in shackles of
corruption, illiteracy, nepotism, religious and ethnic wars,materialism,bad / myopic dictators that we call leaders and above all mental slavery amongst other things..There’s a sleeping giant within each and everyone of us that needs to be woken..

You and I make up Africa and without us, Africa is noting but a land mass..

This is a call to all proud Africans ARISE COMRADES AND LETS TAKE THIS GREAT CONTINENT  TO THE PROMISE LAND..Attached is the song Arise Africa and the ART. Where have i been you may
ask,well have been busy working on the album, also delved into acting along the line.
Here is the trailer he featured in ,it is called Rhythm and Blues

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