Music and Culture bring the Caribbean and Africa together as Storm and DSE push The Africa Unite Platform into Reality through Partnership

Today Storm 360 announces a content, talent and representation partnerhip with DSE. The DSE
team are at present in Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Tanzania and have already been in
Kenya. They are shooting a seminal documentary entitled 50 Days in Afrika, exploring Africa
through their own POV and gathering suggestions and networks to help bridge the gap between
the Caribbean and the Continent through culture, especially through film, fashion, music and

In this journey many other opportunities are opening up for this talented Collective of Jamaicans.
Mykal Kushnie, multi-talented writer, editor, director, producer and cinematographer, he has
been responsible for over 300 music videos for major Jamaican artists and also TV commercials

for major corporates, TV drama, live production and reality shows. He is available to work on
the Continent and is now commercially represented through this partnership. In order to make
enquiries for work with him please follow the trail below for email.

Also part of the collective is Donisha Prendergast, eldest grand-daughter of Bob & Rita Marley
and spokesperson for Africa Unite, a very talented and intuitive writer, actress, director,
producer and motivational speaker. She is also a Director of Manifesto Jamaica, a youth based
organization with the mandate to educate, expose and empower especially inner-city youth with
the tools to translate Art into business and use it as a tool for social healing and change. She is
available to work on serious productions and youth programs on the continent and for further
information please check below.

Also on the team of this journey across Africa is Kelissa McDonald, a multi-talented artiste who
is a singer, musician and graphic artist. She is currently promoting her EP ‘Rebel in Disguise’,
a prelude to her upcoming album entitled Kilimanjaro. Her T-Shirt line Anbessa, which means
Lion in Swahili, was inspired by a Vision to help re-brand the image of Africa by using positive
images and word. The main theme of the line is based on the Igbo proverb ‘ Until the lion learns
to tell his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.’ She is available for
performances on the continent and for further information please check below.

Storm welcomes all of them to Africa and is proud to be associated with them and the work they
do, “I have been really impressed by their talent, vision and commitment and at a minimum we
will be introducing them far and wide across the continent to ensure that their story and their
talent can be shared. It is time we started to embrace the Caribbean in the real sense, the tiny
island of Jamaica’s population of just 2.5m has already invaded the entire world with its music
and culture, the rest of Africa has not yet done that and we number almost a billion. We should
never be too big to learn from Jamaica about how to promote our music, movies, culture, fashion
and literature to a larger global audience.” Obi Asika, Founder, Storm 360

There will also be a huge opportunity to move content between the Caribbean and Africa, the
music, the movies, moving our content from Africa into the Caribbean and North America and
ingesting some of the newer content from Jamaica into this part of the world.

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