Multiplicity by Kelu: One Dress, Five Ways

The dress was designed by me in 2009. It was inspired by the love song of an emerging young female singer which she was meant to wear for the video shoot of the said love song but unfortunately, it didn’t hold therefore no one got to wear it until I modeled it myself in July, 2012. As I listened to the single for inspiration as regards styling, the following came to mind “direction”, “silhouette”, “colours” and “texture”. I thought being a romantic song; the artiste should be dressed accordingly;

Hence the most suitable outfit will be a dress, because she has to look very feminine,
the colour have got to be soft and subtle, which is the reason why I chose white I decided to use the most traditional of all fabrics- LACE! It is very synonymous to wedding dresses therefore; nothing says “romance” more than it does.

Overall, I wanted to create a balance between a look that is edgy and chic but yet romantic. However, I decided to maximize the potentials of such a beautiful dress that’s stunning in its simplicity by wearing it in five different ways; a label I call MULTIPLICITY! This concept was inspired by some of my female clients who felt uncomfortable repeating an outfit yet didn’t have a fantastic budget to buy them a wardrobe that’s every woman’s dream. Here’s how to utilize your wardrobe to the max!


Casual couture: Imaginative details, floral power and a flamboyant style created a funky/playful vibe. I wore a string of red roses, (which is actually an interior home décor)
I made a bow out of a chiffon scarf and color blocked it with a pair of green petal-inspired shoes. Very quirky!


Edgy Innocence: an all white, clean and elegant dress can be jazzed up with a pair of neon coloured shoes while other accessories are kept minimal.


East meets west: there’s a little bit of everything in this look and it still looks well put together because it’s “jes a lil bit” of everything. From rock n roll (the studded bracelets and zipped jackets) to British fashion (socks in pumps) there is absolutely something for everyone.


 Sophisticated glam: One word is key here “ACCESSESORIZE” and this one word that can
transform a whole look! Imagine jewelry on a sliding scale depending on size- the smaller the piece, the more you wear. A real statement piece should be worn as a single item but fine jewelry looks great piled on. A basic but key rule. I bought the hat from an open house because I think it’s different; clownish yet British. I obtained the vintage purse from my mum. I got the stack of slim chains from a thrift market. The shoes are ALDO and have had them for years. 


Street style: Usually, things which wouldn’t ‘normally be paired together end up meeting:
Leather and ruffles, denims and laces, feathered hair accessories, pulk socks and sandals
etc. Basically, street style now trending wholly depends on the wearer’s creativity, comfort and flexibility-a rigid sense of style just won’t cut it. The sexiest thing about fashion is taking what’s ‘in’ and making it your own. This is the re-birth of fashion.

And that’s how to make the best of the little you’ve got!

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