Save Debbie Osarere Idiagbonya From Breast Cancer

Debbie Osarere is a friend and I got to know about her illness yesterday August 24, 2012. I saw a tweet about her that she has breast cancer. I called a friend to confirm the story and she told me it is true. I visited debbide at her place yesterday to confirm it and it is true. According to what Debbie told me yesterday, she said she had two surgeries before now and it was during the second surgery they found out it was cancerous. Initially she noticed she had a lump in her breast and she went to remove it. It was during the second surgery the doctors told her it was cancerous. From the pictures I took at her place yesterday, you will see how fast the disease is spreading, Well we need your help.. Your little change is what we need to save Debbie Osarere. She is 28 years old and she works as a Medical Lab Technician. Right now she is not working again..  

Alot of friends who believed her and confirmed the story are also helping her to spread the word out there.  Alot of people don’t believe her story because of her twitter account and she
told me the last time she tweeted was 10 days ago. Her current state is not good at all.. 

Her condition is not a scam.. It is real and I spoke with her elder sister yesterday. She is living with her sister now. the documents in the post is just to show how long she had this illness. Her current 

Friends from twitter paid her a visit this afternoon

Here is a note From Debbie: 
I discovered a mass in my left breast on 24th of may, 2011 and I went for screening @ National cancer prevention institute ishaja road, from the screening centre I was advised to go for sonography which I did on 26th of may,2011 @ ojuelegba scanning centre where I was asked to go for Fine Needle Aspiration for cytology @ Me cure healthcare limited Oshodi… So my fine needle aspiration for cytology said my breast mass n lymp nodes are negative for MALIGNANT cells.. I had my first surgery 13th june 2011 and my 2nd surgery 16th Novem 2011 then I took my lump for Histopathology investigation on 24th November and the investigation reported I have INVASIVE DUCTAL CARCINOMAL on 5th Dec 2011.
This is Debbie’s current condition, as we speak.
She needs N6, 000,000 [ Six Million naira] now for a successful operation.

You can reach Debbie through her Team (WeStandByDebbie) on twitter when you contact @estherijewere, @ayonaledi @GossipGirliee or @Olorisupergal. You can also mail me via
 Debbie’s account details.
Idiagbonya Osarere
Acct No: 0000216933
Access Bank
God bless you all.
i will keep you posted about #SaveDebbie 

Pictures of some of her medical documents

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