Rapper Sasha P Talks About Her New Clothing Line ‘Eclectic by Sasha’

Storm Records First Lady Yetunde Omotanwa Antonia Alabi aka Sasha P is one of Nigeria’s foremost female rapper who has remained visible and consistent for over 10 years now. With the success of her latest single ‘Bad Girl P‘, she has continued to increase her fan base.

She launched her clothing line ‘Eclectic by Sasha‘ on August 19, 2012 showing the fashion side of who she is. She is about to rock the fashion world as much as she did with her creative lyrics over the years.

Ogagus Caught up with her over the weekend at the launch of her clothing line and this is what she has to say…

Ladies and gents, her name is Sasha P and this is her Fashion story.

Is Electic By Sasha a unisex line or its strictly female?
Sasha: We don’t have a male line, it is strictly a female line

Should we expect male pieces in the future?
Sasha: Oh, well, I’m definitely making some male pieces due to popular demand, for the December collection. We will be having some shirts for guys.

What’s the price range for the pieces?
Sasha: They are very affordable, prices ranges from N8,500 to N14,000. You

won’t find anything over N14,000

Where can one purchase Electic by Sasha?
Sasha: At L’espace everyday

You dropped a buzz record titled ‘Bad Girl P’ and you tackled L.O.S original; what inspired you to that?
Sasha: Its a great song, I’m a huge fan of L.O.S and people really like the song so I thought it would be great to have a female response to it.

Should we expect anything from Sasha in the near future? An official single, an album?
Sasha: Very soon, when it drops you will hear it.

You’ve been in the industry for along time, what’s the secret behind your relevance?
Sasha: Its the grace of God…

Sasha: Its just the grace of God, there is no formula.

On your the record, you suggested you had 10 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes; help a brother out… Can you please give me one so I’ll sell?
Sasha: Boys are not smiling, you want to make money off my shoe abi, no worry!

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