The Good, The Bad and The Ugly this weekend

It's weekend again! Time to let the gist roll. Counting down from last weekend that saw the grand closing ceremony of the London Olympics! That definitely was a spectacular showdown of lights, music, fireworks and the British culture! I could only pretend I was enjoying the boring moment that was staged by Russell Brand though. I mean, who brings such an awkward character to entertain the whole world!? Huh?? Trust me, the British can always use some boring! But hey that closing ceremony was a moment! And I bet I wasn't the only one that spotted the Nigerian flag and wasn't surprised the flag bearer just didn't take a stress to wave (he dare not!), or maybe the wind machine at the stadium just didn't reach the flag!

Naija's first lady of rap, Sasha P keeps holding it down for her fans as she dropped a new single titled***during the week, and trust me, that was a hit! And it even gets better as Sasha launches her EclecticBySasha fashion label at the L'espace, VI. Now that's a first lady's kind of domination in the industry, I couldn't recommend anything more fabulous for her fans right now. Go girl!

Now to what went down this very weekend: I bet you knew Rick Ross was live in Lagos for the Summer Jam Fest. Yea, he was. And Rozay wowed the Lagos audience, Yea the boss did! And the show was spectacular? Hmmm, well, trust African timing. A show of 7pm didn't start until around 11pm! I was going to turn the black carpet show offs to the concert proper (while I watch DJ Jimmy Jatt mix away) but it got boring much faster than I thought, seeing all the 'good' and 'over-the-top' outfits the celebrities and the wannabes were rocking for the cameras. Kudos to the guys that pulled out that on-point kind of style look at the event. And all those Unilag girls that came to show off ugly legs in mini-skirts? Mscheeew!

The patience of seeing Rick Ross perform was worth it at the end as he took the stage and perform all his popular tracks. Trust me, most of the audience only came to see Rozay perform as the venue filled up immediately he took the stage and emptied soon after he dropped the mic! Gbam! That's all about it for this weekend folks. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a wonderful week ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚

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