Weekend Gist by Supergal

Not much of gist this weekend folks, not as much as Davido‘s got dirty laundry. ‘Dirty laundry,’ yea, I’ve never been into his closet though, and who even have to! He washes them in public. And the best place to rinse off his latest piece of aggression was on a cab man’s face! I gave you guys the gist about that from my previous review so let’s trash it before it gets more boring more than hoping Rihanna will still be dating Chris Brown. The two though, I heard are about to make their new relationship open. 

Maybe Chris Brown‘s fist just didn’t sink well into Ri-Ri’s head the first time so she wants a Replay! Maybe it’ll be at the eve of the MTV VMA this time, The Grammys may not be coming any faster than Ri-Ri may be receiving another blow to the head and who knows if the Only Girl In The World singer will finally shoot a Man Down!

And now to what could be still be in the news; and though very brief, I can’t race through

the whole gist faster than Usain Bolt could race a world record breaking 100 meters! It’s 

Usain Bolt

been a record breaking coaster-ride in London since the start of the summer Olympics; from record breaking athletes to the record breaking sexual activities that could leave the streets of London smelling of syphilis already. 

Over a hundred thousand condoms have been sold so far and a top dating hook-up site crashed due to the large number of users logging on to the website! Sorry if that was a little bit  raw…Ehehe. You’ve not seen raw; read on jor, as if I did up to Talia and Keagan of the Big Brother Africa.  People are still making it news whether Keagan is more African than the number of sex rounds the South African had with Talia before he won the BBA’s $300,000US. But sherioushly, who wouldn’t think. the controversial Keagan is not Indian!

I had really wanted to round up this weekend’s gist with a review of Vector‘s new Mixtape but I’ve not had time to listen, so watch out for it next weekend. I won’t spare him a diss should he be deserving any…Ehe Enjoy your weekend!

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