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USA’s Kobe Bryant (10) keeps pressure on Nigeria’s Alade Aminu, left, during a men’s basketball game at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, in London. At right is USA’s LeBron James. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

It’s weekend and I bet you know what am up to: your weekend gist! Yay! 

There’s a lot to diss; and I thought I won’t be talking about the Olympics any sooner than the bunch of Nigerian athletes representing in London are done staring at the gold medals while their Chinese, USA and South African counterparts mines away! But the twitter war that trailed last night’s basketball match between Nigeria and USA was a wake up call and now I think I may want to fist-punch some Ghanians till they fall in their place! I don’t have to put them. At least if we’re yet to win a gold medal at the Olympics, we shouldn’t lose an internet brawl (over our performances) with a country I can’t even recognise to have a significant space on the Olympics map, at least, not until azonto may become the second best thing to have emerged from Ghana since bad english.

But it’s not even their fault, afterall, the only medals the Nigerian athletes at the ongoing London Olympics have readily won was for their empty brags of ‘going for gold’ before the games started. I gave them that. Naija get mouth die! But no game. Ehe. A Nigerian
though has become an internet sensation on YouTube for being the happiest Olympic worker! The young lady by the name, Rachel Onasanwo is doing us proud at least.

Well, it’s not being Nigeria’s game on the international stages; from the Olympics and to the continental Big Brother Star Game. And Big Brother now brings me to a bit of some countdown from the show and to the finale on Sunday!

If you had followed the Big Brother Stargame series from day one, you may – at many times – have being caught between being dismayed by Lady May’s eccentricity and Goldie’s  Fairy-love-princess-meets-Big-Brother- house-girl all wrapped in one into a Prezzo’s puppet and finally toppled by an emotional disaster showdown! I thought the Big Brother’s Upville  was decked with golden interiors for Goldie to dazzle through and steal the show one-streak-of-diva-at-a-time! But hell no! Our Naija diva vanished into Prezzo’s arms till eviction plucked her out. Whether she was her real self or not, or the Big Brother house pressure was a bit much for her, I may be concerned but am no longer one of the fans that’ll think Goldie’s Crazy-meets-Diva personality in her music is an eye lash thick! Eish…I guess I’ve kept my promise of a review for our Say My Name crooner 🙂

Now to Ola and Chris; am surprised I could still remember they were on Big Brother! Maybe the madness and fun of the house is one blood pressure higher than the stress of going from one media appearance to another immediately after the Nigerian duo exited the Big Brother house based on Ola’s health condition that needs immediate medical attention. An Immediate medical attention which couldn’t come faster than radio and TV interviews I guess. I hope Ola and Chris uses their fifteen minutes of the Big Brother fame to launch themselves in the entertainment industry; who says we can’t have celebrity bouncers?

Now to what rocked over the weekend! Missed the Loud On Sound concert on Friday July 27th at Federal palace Hotel VI. You missed out cos the event was a sold-out concert and a spectacular collision of music and fashion. I can always use some rhymes! Ehehe. Someone tell MI am giving him a run for his rhyming skills till he gets a check on his twitter account. His label mates got theirs over the weekend. Maybe MI’s celebrity status is yet to reflect on twitter’s radar! And Snoop Dogg’s transition to a ‘lion’ couldn’t sound any more boring than the start to the end of an Hollywood engagement between Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson. Who cares about them more the Twilight? Mschew.

When it comes to Omo Baba Olowo, It is either he is giving slap or he is receiving slap. I heard he assaulted a cab driver on July 1st because of his ‘girlfriend’. According to the cab man’s story, he said DavidO slapped him and collected his keys. He said DavidO’s bouncers assaulted the girl and she ran towards him for help so he started the car in order to save her from the whole bruhahaha but DavidO caught up with him and slapped, collected his keys and before he knew what’s up his bouncers beat him up and chased him out. He went to the nearest police station to report the case.The story is long tho’ I don’t wanna bore your guys..  

We dunno where the story is gonna end but we know the end.. 

That’s about it for the weekend folks. Remind me of anything I missed out after the Felabration’s over! Do have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

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