Snoop Dogg Has Upgraded.. Now Known as Snoop Lion..

This is the latest news I heard this morning and It’s funny to me.. Snoop Dogg changed his named to Snoop Lion. 

According to Snoop, he has just discovered that he is the reincarnated Bob Nesta Marley, the late reggae king. So henceforth his new name is SNOOP LION and not just that he has also fully embraced reggae and the culture. He got ‘Born Again‘ according to himself after a visit to Jamaica in February of 2012. So from now on it would be good music that kids and grandparents can listen too. 

So, In one word, he was influenced by the Reggae king Bob Nesta Marley..

The new name still sounds funny to me.. I will get used to it soon.

Your views on snoop dogg now renaming himself snoop lion

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