What Rocked and What Sucked Last Weekend

Weekend Entertainment Review by Supergal

Okay, a lot went down over the weekend and during the week within the Nigerian Entertainment industry and beyond. So, let’s get to the gist, even though you might have read about them on my blog and several other blog sites and the social media. I know you guys love to come here so I feel I should pamper you this weekend with a one-on-one load-down of events and personalities  that got many of us tweeting and even going out to join the rave as we did with Davido’s OBO launch. Whoops! That’s one event I can’t afford not to mention but let me save the gist for a second.

Now ladies, all ye Naeto C hopeful abi na wannabe girlfriends am sure you all got that shocker over the weekend when Mr ten over ten took to the altar and say ‘I do to a lady am sure you all are very jealous of right now. Maybe some of you, especially the Unilag ones, have not even gotten over  the heartbreak yet. Awww…wait o!!!, heartbreak?? Naeto C may never have met anyone of you one-on-one apart from waving you from a stage while performing and left you screaming and wishing you can steal a night with the

dapper rapper! Ah rhymes, I can always use some! Ehe…and I don’t mean to be mean on you ladies. Maybe am just lucky Naeto C isn’t one of my celebrity crushes so I saved myself the heartbreak of seeing him getting married.

And to top the high class wedding, apart from it being a trend on twitter and a social media rave, Naeto C and his wife were presented with a brand new Porsche that so many had thought was from the groom’s buddy D’banj. No! D’banj presented the gift which I confirmed was given the couple by Mr Dumebi Kachukwu.

And to all the guys that confessed Naeto C’s wedding suit was well-tailored and didn’t even come in the-so-common black and whatever ensemble, you guys better have the right connections with friends that could present you with a Porsche on your wedding!

Now, talking of connections, abeg who’s got more than a 19 year old Davido does presently? PING me right now if you do! Ehe…PIN??

You can imagine an album launch that had Africa’s richest in attendance! That was a real ‘OBO’ connection Things going on there. I thought nothing else was happening in Lagos for a second! And I won’t be convinced just yet by the unregistered critics’ review of the album. Though I confirmed the launch event wasn’t without hitches but hey! where does that not happen? In a Nigerian entertainment industry where your show can be flopped by outrageous red carpet appearances alone! You people know yourselves whether na celebrity or the wannabes that could steal a show with all the right combo of very wrong outfits and makeup once you step in – whether invited or not! But for a 1million naira per table event, Davido could do a lot better than a show that had people tweeting their complaints from the event. hmmm, and those of you that didn’t even know the route to the venue and still tweeted the flops, God see una, and good you made OBO trend! You can’t expect no little controversy from an album everyone could see a million and one meaning to the title afterall!

That’s about the gist for this weekend jor. No, wait, I thought I mentioned entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond earlier. Yes, I did. So here’s the gist – among many – from beyond, Kanye West is planning engage Kim Kardashian! And if you think that’s not news you can watch the throne till I give you the full gist as soon as Kim adds another diamond engagement accessory to her wardrobe and could consult Beyonce for a baby name! And someone please tell Goldie to watch out for her Big Brother review, I got one much longer than her eye lashes and I thought I would put that up much sooner than she got evicted! Do have a beautiful weekend folks!

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