Stop! Watch Eldee’s Brand New Video – Higher

Remember ‘Today Today‘, the video in which eLDee shows us the many joys of a couple getting married?  Ever wondered why the Don was anxious to get in his Limo? Well here’s that little part of the movie we didn’t see before the wedding!

With little more than a week elapsing since the release of his critically acclaimed albumUNDENIABLE, super producer and multi-award winning artiste eLDee takes us to his last moments as a bachelor in this video for “HIGHER”. The song which oozes top-notch production quality, also features Trybe record artistes, K9 and Sojay. An irresistible party starter, ‘Higher’ gets you moving from start to finish and this Video is sure to keep

the viewer engaged through every scene!

Not one to conform to the norm or cliche settings, eLDee takes the party to the spectacular Cape Town sand dunes, where the sun is at its peak and the ladies are at their sexiest.

Now if this is how men party just before a wedding, wouldn’t all men want to tie the knot?

Enjoy “HIGHER”, the video by eLDee, featuring K9 and Sojay.

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