Fashion directory Site STYLJUNKI.COM goes LIVE on 11-07-2012)

We walk the streets in search of what is cool , what is stylish, what is fashionable and all the things in between .As our name implies; we are junkies for style and would stop at nothing to satisfy our high. The objectives  highlighted below were built upon this premise.

Stkjunki was created to bridge the gap between the average fashionable person on the street and the Labels who actually make these clothes that you would do anything to have.

  We wake up with craves for certain clothing items but we are  clueless as to where to purchase them. Styljunki was invented primarily to solve this problem.

 Our aim is to assemble designer, model, photographer, stylist , customer and who ever it takes to make people
look fashionable together in one cyber room. The idea is  to create a suitable environment for  our ideas to thrive.

 Finally, Styljunki  was invented to popularise creditable fashion trends allover the country. The idea is to put the spotlight on these trends and give proper credit to the people behind them.

“Stay fresh or don’t stay at all” Go to

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