Nikki Laoye Got You Counting .. 1, 2, 3. The New single will be Available on Spinlet by 12 Noon Today

Gospel Diva, Nikki Laoye is back…hotter than ever with her brand new dance single titled “1, 2, 3” which is superbly produced by her brother and producer, XBLAZE aka Ade Laoye. Indeed, this would be one of the most played songs across Nigeria in no time.
Exclusively available for download on SPINLET, “1-2-3” is an astounding beat thumping, drum kicking dance track from Nikki Laoye, with its infectious chorus count and the amazing harmonies only Nikki can create.

The song also premieres TODAY at 11am wit TITI on 92.3 Inspiration FM and from 1pm with Teddy on the “ThankGodItsFriday” show on Star FM 101.5 FM.

“I simply wanted to create a song that everyone can dance to…no matter who you are or where you are from….whether you are at home, in the club, in your car…wherever!
Cos We all do have something in common…we all have at least one thing to thank God for”, says Nikki Laoye.

Definitely a song for all… Perfectly arranged with your shuffling azonto feet in mind, your playlist for 2012 will
certainly be incomplete without this new single from the Wahala Media 1st Lady.

After releasing her chart bursting single of all time, “Never Felt This Way Before” from her debut album, ANGEL 4 LIFE” in 2007; the follow up release of “Taka Sufe”, the crunk laced collaboration with Rooftop Mcs and her older brother, Rap2Sai and her spotlight moments with Interviews & Video play on top American Entertainment channel, BET; Nikki has been taking the Nigerian Music Industry by storm ever since.

After the heartbreaking loss of her father in August 2011, Nikki decided to take a brief hiatus off the music scene but just to keep her fans going, she made an online release of the catchy hiphop single, titled “No Be Beans” featuring the amazing HipHop Upcomer, Base One, in December 2011.

Now teaming up with her wickedly talented brother, Xblaze,
 Nikki done did it again (*speaking in Eva’s language…LOL!) and she’s back with a vengeance.

You wan lose weight? OYA 123
You wan parry? OYA 123
You wan just thank God? OYA 123
The Dance Theorem according to Nikki Laoye…Certainly a song for all moments.
You’re truly about to be schooled!!

“1, 2, 3” is exclusively available on SPINLET from 12 NOON today and you can easily download the song to your smart phone. Simply, download the SPINLET application at and just grab your copy…NOW. LOL!


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