Introducing LOOK Republic

  LOOK republic, a vision birthed from the dire need to embrace the diversification and unlimited opportunities in the world of fashion, is a multi – faceted brand designed to show fashion in its originality and creativity.

There is so much going on in the world of fashion today, ranging from new trends to new designs, to new models, new fashion concepts and a whole lot of stuff. The competition keeps getting fired up by the second that it becomes very impossible to notice anything short a high level of creativity and originality. In response to this, LOOK republic has been set on a course to showcase fashion through different eyes by creating an avenue for growing fashion enthusiasts such as fashion designers, make up artistes, shoe and bag makers, jewelers and accessory makers, stand out in this ever increasing world of fashion.

Look republic is divided into three major aspects; the publication of a quarterly released fashion magazine termed LOOK REPUBLIC QUARTERLY (LRQ) , trunk fashion shows hosted quarterly and an annual
fashion reality TV show. But the company intends to launch with its Fashion magazine – LOOK REPUBLIC QUARTERLY, in September 2012.

Also referred to as “the country of fashion”, LOOK REPUBLIC QUARTERLY magazine intends to capture a wide scope of audience from around the globe. In view of this, a replica of the magazine would be created online to avoid any form of limits in distance to our readers from around the globe.

The goal for the magazine is to create a republic of fashion worthy to contend with world class magazine like vogue and the likes.

The first publication would feature fashion designers, make up artists, shoes and bag makers, stylists, illustrators, and every other fashion enthusiasts from Nigeria, London and Ghana, in our various segments.

Exciting articles, fashion forecasts, advertisements and a bunch of captivating designs promises to grace the magazine. Wow!!! Thoughts of its richness just raises goose bumps all over our skins! We are so excited, we cannot wait. Our partners all over, especially our followers on twitter, facebook, and fans who daily visit our sites are all in high spirits as they immensely await our launch, they are by themselves spreading the word, such that we dont even have to speak so much.

LOOK Republic PR agents and the team as a whole are working tirelessly and most importantly excitedly, to ensure a grand launch. There is no doubt that this promises to be a master piece of our time.

LOOK Republic therefore implore the general public to keep their ears wide open for their progress reports that would be constantly disseminated through out this period.



Phone Numbers: 08036968794; 08024444111.

Twitter; , @Look_republic,


They welcome all your participation, supports and contribution as they look forward to achieving indeed a Fashion Republic (a country of fashion) through the LOOK REPUBLIC, where the only language spoken

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