Its Father’s Day this Sunday, Do you have any Plans?

Maybe you want to get him Gifts, Buy his favourite book or better still giving up on things you do that upsets him… Lol!!!

To every Daddy’s little girl/ boy out there Father’s Day brings back memories of growing up ,the ”ups and downs”and many of the valuable life lessons my father taught and is still teaching my siblings and I:  Things like the strength of the family is our love for one another,that men in the family  were supposed to protect their mother and sisters (we wish,instead they get angry when you say hi to their friends!).  He taught us the importance of doing your best at all times and to never give up on your dreams.

His valuable instruction has helped  me become the woman I am today.  In turn, I shall try to impart these
same ideals to my unborn.  So that they can become the strong, intelligent, enthusiastic and productive beings they are destined to be.

We all have different impressions of our fathers and different stories to tell,but in the spirit of father’s day, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage EVERYONE to acknowledge and give thanks for the Father or Father figure in your life and to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all OLORISUPERGAL BLOG readers and supporters.

So what are you getting DADDY for father’s day?

By: Uche Omalicha

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