Before I put up a new Affairs post, I must first apologize to my avid readers about the lack of a blog post for almost a month now.
 I am so sorry!
My excuses? Yes, they’re more than one.
My keyboard got broken so I bought a new one and I didn’t like the new one. It doesn’t listen to me, but we are getting on fine like a failed marriage in therapy.
The second reason? I was writing my final exams. I’m in my final year and this is a crucial time so I didn’t have the time to put a new post up. Glory to God, my papers went well and I am now an unofficial graduate. Hahaha!
Hopefully, my results come out positive for me.
Are my reasons good enough? Thank you.
I hope you enjoy the posts and that too much exam essays haven’t made my writing rusty.
Thanks, loves.

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