Toni Payne gives back to the society; launches her foundation – Toni Payne Initiative

Vision – To empower Children and Women in Nigeria, to achieve gender equality and alleviate poverty
The Toni Payne Initiative (TPI) is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political foundation, committed to supporting Children and educating, empowering and liberating Women. It’s a way Toni Payne gives back to the society. She believes the society has given her something of great value; the society has supported her and many ways. The foundation, Toni Payne Initiative is a way of saying thank youto people who have been there for her through the years.
At Toni Payne Initiative, our goal is to facilitate lifelong, positive changes in the lives of women and children by implementing programs which create sustainable solutions. TPI believes that through a multifaceted approach of education infrastructure, clinics, and hostels for girls, and micro lending enterprises for children

and women, the entire community will succeed in instilling permanent, positive changes.

Toni Payne Initiative has designed 2-phased annual programmes –

1. Project L.O.V.E – designed to show love and care for children in need.
mission is to provide practical support, such as education, food, clothing and healthcare support, to improve children’s quality of life, advance their rights and give them a better future.”
This year’s edition of Project L.O.V.E is planned to mark children’s day with children at orphanage homes and people with Down syndrome.

We encourage individuals/corporate bodies to donate (food items, products, cloths, toys etc), we gather these donations and take to children who really need them.
Anyone interested in donation is welcome.
2. The Girl Child – designed to educate, empower and liberate young women (the girl child).  We organize seminars, vocational classes etc to help us achieve these goals.

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