Exclusive Interview with Rugged man

As soon as i heard about the change of phase of Ruggedy Baba from part 1 to Part 2, I wanted to be the first to know. My journey started on Wednesday 16th of May when i woke up early in order to catch up with my appointment with the Rugged one. His simplicity and humility oozed as we went on a short tour during which i took advantage of asking questions. I tried not to make it look like an interview, but trust Rugged man, he knew what I was up to. Check out Wale Applause’s interview with Ruggedybaba. Here are excerpts of the remarkable moment spent with the man named RUGGED.

We all know Ruggedy, but for dose who don’t, please just give us a brief? 

Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, born September 20.

Let’s talk about your background and lifestyle. 

Born in Ebem Ohafia Abia state.From a Christian family of 5 and studied Political science in Lagos State University Ojo. My lifestyles easy cos I am a happy go lucky, pace setter who is a no nonsense taking individual.

How did you come about music? 

I got interested in music when i was very young. I had this uncle Mr. Jonathan Okeke who used to travel a
lot and bring music videos and soon I realized I could write my own lyrics and get on my own instrumentals.

You are now a veteran in the music factory, what has always kept you going?

My natural love for music and entertainment generally keeps me going.

In a few words, define your kind of music? My kind of music is hip hop with a fusion of our local lingual. I’m inspired by Fela Anikulapo Kuti a lot, and so also Bongo’ zikwe because of the way he basically sings. When i started watching music videos and listening to Music, he was my inspiration.

Baba wen you go marry? 

I will marry when I marry lol!!!

If you had to give a Ruggedman Award to the best Nigerian act, who will that be?

 I bet 2face Idibia bro, its definitely 2face.

I know well about Ruggedy Baba part 1 and so why Part 2? 

Its simple, the title is due to what both songs have in common, Hailing me ”Ruggedy Baba”

When’s your next joints?

I have joints with 2face,Wiz Boyy, Reminisce, Terry G. We are just trying to pick the next set of songs to do videos for.

What’s in the future, what do we expect from you in the nearest future? 

Expect a feel good album and the unveiling of the Rugged Records artist. ‘RUGGED MAN’, how have you handled that name and fame? I handle fame the same way i have always done,i don’t let it get into my head and i stay me and real every time.

Any proposed National and International collaboration or tour?

My part for now is to produce the album. I know management have some things up their sleeve and will let me know at the right time.

What’s the future of the Nigeria music factory?

I see Nigerian music going farther than it has now.We have conquered Africa and its time to spread the net wider.

Advice to young rappers? 

To up coming artistes i say music is like any other business now. You need capital to start it but the most important part is the talent.Without it don’t bother.

Parting words! 

Rugged records is here to stay and i say thank you all for the love and support for Ruggedman and his music over the years.God bless.

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